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time zero nobletec ou maxsea


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Le 2020-09-13 à 10:43, causseau a dit :

yo mon copin  ca fait comme un bon boute 


as tu eu des news ?

Là je t'avais perdu, 2017 lol, tu la perdu aussi, tu aurais due me relancer


par contre j'avais due surment te placé un truc dans ton MP !

je vais recommencer lol


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 MaxSea International v12.6.4.1 + CM93 v3 WF891 + Win 7/10 (x64) Installation + Tutorial


Credit: Nikiton

ormat: ISO File

Platform: Windows 7 (x64) and Windows 10 (x64)

Tutorial: Included complete and detailed PDF tutorial with
34 pages of explanatory Photo content composed by NIKITON

Cracks Included:
- Dongle emulator for win (x64)
- C-Map Professional SDK Runtime cracked Lickstore.dll
- "No time limit" patched dll for CM93 v3 Charts
- All the necessary Registry patches
- Currents crack.

Marine Navigation System, working with raster and vector maps of Mapmedia, Maptech, C-MAP, ARCS, Softcharts, Map CM93 v3, as well as 3D depth maps.
Computer technology and marine electronics finally join forces to bring you tomorow's navigation system today!

- Advanced weather technology
- Responsive electronic chart
- Marine instrument support
- seabed classification
- buoy tracking for commercial fishing
- performance routing for sailing
- AIS integration for commercial vessels.
- NavNet Navigation System



This is the hidden content, please


This is the hidden content, please


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