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Cryptic Disk Pro v3.0.29 [English]


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Cryptic Disk Pro works to create virtual encrypted disks, as well as encrypt hard drives, usb-drives, flash-cards. This is the most allowed to save secrets as a family computer, that way and at the workstation. Encoding these, with the introduction of the best algorithms (has the ability to use any of the advanced cryptographic algorithms: AES / Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish, CAST6), results in real time and does not affect the performance of the computer. Cryptic Disk alienates its users the greatest efficiency for the protection of information.

Encrypted virtual and physiological disks are included in the appearance of individual disks that are tied to a random letter or an ordinary folder on NTFS disks. At the same time, they would have practically any special dexterities that would give to their encrypted disk. Additional protection of information has the ability to provide the creation of hidden encrypted disks inside the existing ones (steganography).

Cryptic Disk Pro allows you to increment the value of the encryption key from 256 to 2944 bits using a cascading encryption route (to number of algorithms that successively encrypt these). most significantly increases the inviolability of protection of encrypted data from hacking.

Help mode XTS, created intentionally to encrypt these on disk. The program has a massive password brute force protection in accordance with the PKCS # 5 v2 specification, as well as a virtual keyboard, which guards the password activated by the user from keyboard scouts.

Features of Crypticdisk Pro

  • An application which can be used for encrypting and decrypting the disk partitions and various other external devices.
  • Can also be used for creating encrypted containers.
  • Enables you to select between installing it on the hard drive and a portable version.
  • Got a very simple interface and the main window encloses a menu bar, a navigation bar, various buttons and a panel which allows you to view all the disks detected and containers created.
  • Can be used by the novices as well as professionals with ease.
  • Enables you to create as well as to mount the virtual encrypted containers of custom size and encrypt the partitions by using two different methods.
  • Can also change the passwords at any point and they can also be removed as well.
Download Cryptic Disk Pro v3.0.29 + License

follow the following steps sequentially
- Download the .rar file to your computer using the link above
- Disconnect internet + turn off antivirus programs + disable windows defender
- Unzip the downloaded file
- Run the setup file to install with Admin rights (Righ click > Run as Administrator)
- Uncheck "Check the web for update"
- Run the program > select "Enter License code" > Open the license file, Copy the entire contents and Paste into > Click "Ok"
- Done, Connect to the internet, turn on the virus program again, Windows Defender 

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