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KMS Office 2019


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Il y a 7 heures, bilou47190 a dit :


Je ne retrouve pas le sujet qui expliquais comment activer Office 2019 avec KMS. Ca faisait le téléchargement et l'install (KMS).



MS/2038 & Digital & Online Activation Suite 8.5


this tool includes 4 different activation methods: KMS Inject, Digital, KMS 2038 and Online activations.


* Windows 7 (VL) / 8 / 8.1 / 10
* Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019
* Office 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 (VL)


* Office Retail (Supported if Volume License certificates are installed)
* Windows 7 (Starter, HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate)
* Windows 10 (Cloud S, Professional Single Language)
* Windows Server (Server Foundation, Storage Server, Home Server 2011)



[Mon-Partage]KMS Suite 8.5.rar


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Activate Microsoft Office 2019/365 for FREE Without any software (100% Trusted)


1. cd /d %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16
cd /d %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16

2. Office 2010: for /f %x in ('dir /b ..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus2010VL_kms*.xrm-ms') do cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\%x"

Office 2013: for /f %x in ('dir /b ..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus2013VL_kms*.xrm-ms') do cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\%x"

Office 2016: for /f %x in ('dir /b ..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus2016VL_kms*.xrm-ms') do cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\%x"

Office 2019: for /f %x in ('dir /b ..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus2019VL_kms*.xrm-ms') do cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\%x"

Office 365: for /f %x in ('dir /b ..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus365VL_kms*.xrm-ms') do cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\%x"

cscript ospp.vbs /inpkey:NMMKJ-6RK4F-KMJVX-8D9MJ-6MWKP
cscript ospp.vbs /sethst:kms8.msguides.com
cscript ospp.vbs /act

Office 2013: YC7DK-G2NP3-2QQC3-J6H88-GVGXT
Office 2016: XQNVK-8JYDB-WJ9W3-YJ8YR-WFG99
Office 2019: NMMKJ-6RK4F-KMJVX-8D9MJ-6MWKP
Office 365: N7PXY-WR4XP-D4FGK-K66JH-CYQ6X

If you want to activate Microsoft Office on a PC or Mac, start by using a product key in an Office app by opening a Microsoft Office product, such as Word or Excel. Once it's open, click "Activate" and enter your product key.




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Office proplus 2019 volume 


Clé en ligne 


4462 activations possible 


This is the hidden content, please



KMS et ses dérivés , activation 6 mois 


Clé produit : activation permanente ?

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